Smoked Turkey Z-Man

Kansas is known for healthy wild turkey populations and also mouth-watering BBQ. So for a recent hunting trip to the Sunflower State, we whipped up some smoked turkey breasts and even recreated a favorite sandwich across the state – the Z-Man.

The smoked wild turkey, smoked provolone, onion rings and BBQ sauce on a deli roll are visually appealing and provide deep flavors and a variety of textures that will have you hungry for more.

1 wild turkey breast
Sliced provolone
1 large yellow onion
Panko bread crumbs
Peanut Oil
Deli rolls
BBQ sauce
Camp Chef Kickin BBQ Rub

Smoked Turkey Breast
Cover the turkey breast with a healthy coating of the Kickin’ BBQ Rub and smoke (can also be over roasted if necessary) until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees. Wrap in foil and let rest. Once cooled, slice into thin strips against the grain of the meat and set aside.

Onion Rings
Peel and slice the onion, keeping rings intact. First, coat the onion rings in flour seasoned with Kickin BBQ Rub. Then, place the rings in an egg wash, and finally coat with panko breadcrumbs. Once coated with panko, immediately place the onion rings into the fryer oil and cook until golden brown.

Assembling the Sandwich

Take four to five slices of the smoked turkey and cover with provolone cheese. Place it back on the smoker (or oven) long enough to melt the cheese. Toast the inside of the deli roll and place turkey and cheese on the bottom section. Add 2-3 onion rings, depending on the size of the rings, and top with your favorite BBQ sauce. If you want to take it up a notch, add pickled jalapenos.

One turkey breast provides enough meat for 6-8 sandwiches.

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