Broadhead Testing 2019

While some turkey hunters prefer to hit the field each spring toting a scattergun, there are hunters like me who enjoy taking a spring gobbler with archery equipment. Just as shotshells have evolved year after year, so too have broadheads. A new batch of broadheads featuring updated blade configurations, mechanics and designs can only mean one thing … it is broadhead testing time.

This year’s tests featured eight broadheads run through a series of tests and observations to help you decide which would work best for your spring pursuit. As always, we try to give the most information possible, so here is the 2019 setup for our test:
• Bow – 2018 Bowtech Realm set at 70 pounds, 30-inch draw
• Arrows – Bloodsport Prosecutors
• Sight – Apex Covert 4-pin Dovetail
• Stabilizer – Bee Stinger Microhex
• Release – Scott Mongoose
• Rest – HHA Virtus

Also, I shot raw chicken breasts with each broadhead, noting the damage incurred. All heads were shot at a Rinehart RhinoBlock target. It is worth mentioning for penetration tests, the block target is not new. So, results may vary.

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