The Land Between the Lakes

The National Wild Turkey Federation and the U.S. Forest Service at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area work together to improve habitat and public enjoyment through a cooperative stewardship agreement that began in 2008 with the use of stewardship authority.  Through stewardship authority, we developed a cooperative agreement where we provide a 20 percent match to USFS appropriated dollars to conduct work on the ground impacting approximately 5,000 acres annually with $200,000 of deliverables each year.

Land Between the Lakes also is an awesome place to hunt. It is 170,000 acres and approximately 163,000 of that is forest. The remaining 7,000 acres is a mixture of corn and soybeans, hay fields, warm season grasses and wildlife plantings where the NWTF plants winter wheat and clover to benefit deer, turkey and a wide variety of other species.

A Turkey Hill Outdoors Film

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