Toast to the White Oak

The NWTF is partnering with the American Forest Foundation, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Independent Stave Co. – Log Procurement & Sales, University of Kentucky, and many more stakeholders as part of the White Oak Initiative to help Rescue our White Oak Forests. We risk losing what we thought was a resilient tree species as Regeneration and Recruitment of saplings is failing. This will cause a potential catastrophic change to wildlife communities and native fauna that depend on the White Oak, which is considered as the most ecologically important tree species in the Eastern US.

Cocktails and Conservation: Ask us Anything about Turkeys

Wild turkey researchers Mike Chamberlain and Bret Collier join us for a special encore episode of “Cocktails and Conservation” to answer any questions you may have about the majestic wild turkey.

Cocktails and Conservation: Seasons and Harvest Impacts

In our final episode of our Cocktails and Conservation series, Dr. Michael Chamberlain and Dr. Bret Collier cover research based data on the impact that both season dates and gobbler harvests can and do have on our turkey populations. This is especially important as we look at the number of harvests from this year’s turkey season. So grab a cocktail, get your questions ready and tune in for what is sure to be an interactive discussion.

Cocktails and Conservation: Turkey Decline

Week 5’s topic of Cocktails & Conservation brings us to a concern of many, especially us here at the NWTF – localized turkey decline. Dr. Mike Chamberlain and Dr Bret Collier will talk habitat, management, weather, diseases, predation and more in this can’t miss episode.

NC Wild Turkey Telemetry Study

Join the NWTF, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources for a trap-and-release turkey ecology study in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. This three-year collaborative study seeks to understand various wild turkey data, including hunter harvest pressure, nesting patterns and potential diseases, across three distinct regions in North Carolina.

Cocktails and Conservation: Nesting and Brooding

In our fourth installment of Cocktails and Conservation, Dr. Mike Chamberlain and Dr. Bret Collier are going to cover research conducted on nesting and brooding habitat. So get your questions ready and join the live conversation!

Cocktails and Conservation: Prescribed Fire

Dr. Bret Collier and Dr. Mike Chamberlain are back this week to touch on the topic of prescribed fire. We know this one will surely be a “hot topic.” So tune in to listen and join in the conversation!

Cocktails & Conservation: Turkey and Hunter Interactions

Dr. Bret Collier and Dr. Michael Chamberlain are back again to discuss research on hunter interactions with the birds we love to chase! You won’t want to miss this one as it could make you a better hunter.

Cocktails & Conservation: Predator Research

Dr. Bret Collier and Dr. Michael Chamberlain join us to discuss all things under the umbrella of wild turkey predators.

Bearcat Hollow Conservation Project

Bearcat Hollow is more than a splendid example of habitat improvement and management that benefits wildlife. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for a variety of hunters in Arkansas, new and experienced alike, to enjoy a quality hunting experience on public land.

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