Learn to Hunt

Patterning a Shotgun

We owe it to the game we pursue to ensure we make the most ethical shot. Follow these tips to ensure you know how your gun functions and what the shot pattern looks like.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot

This safety video showcases a variety of scenarios and tests your turkey hunting knowledge. Do you pull the trigger or keep your safety on? See how well you do by watching and taking the quiz.

What’s In Your Vest

For a turkey hunter, a vest is much like a fisherman’s tackle box. You carry all the things you may need to help put the odds in your favor.

Turkey Calling Tips

Turkey hunting is a lot about when to call, how much to call or even how loud to call. Check out these tips to help make your season more productive.

Turkey Decoy Tips

Check out these useful techniques on how to use a turkey decoy properly so that you can have success in the turkey woods.

Planting Chufa – A How-to Guide

Chufa (Chew-fa) is one of the most popular crops planted for wild turkeys. Travis Sumner, NWTF Hunting Heritage Center and Habitat Manager, gives instruction on how to prep for, plant and maintain a chufa plot on your hunting property.

Buy Chufa and other seed today by visiting seedstore.nwtf.org. (must have NWTF member ID to set up login)

Don’t Over Call

When you make that first call and that turkey cuts you off, that turkey is telling you he “wants to take a ride in your truck.” Eddie Salter goes through how to handle that roosted turkey that is gobbling to your calls.

Toughest Toms

2 of America’s best turkey hunters talk about their least favorite bird to hunt during the spring. Scott Ellis and Steve Stoltz share tips on how to combat tough toms.

Friction Calling Tips

Three of the most decorated Grand National Calling Championship callers in the friction division share their call preferences. Bobby Woods, Matt Van Cise and Pat Strawser talk about slate, aluminum and glass pot calls and even highlight running a box call.

Gun Fitting

Rhett Simmons, manager of the Palmetto Shooting Complex, talks about key things to look for when fitting a gun to a new hunter or recreational shooter.

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