Learn to Hunt

Trumpet Tactics

Mark Prudhomme breaks down step by step his secret to working gobblers close and tight with a trumpet call.

Calling Softly

Preston Pittman discusses the importance of being able to call softly to wary gobblers.

Choosing Ammo

It is important to choose the best ammunition for the type of recreation shooting you will be doing. Rhett Simmons, manager of the Palmetto Shooting Complex, discusses the best options to look for whether shooting skeet, trap or sporting clays.

Breaking down a Wild Turkey

Once you have bagged a spring gobbler, the true work sets in. It is now time to break down the bird to get incredible table fare and also possibly preserve parts of the bird as mementos from the hunt. Josh Dahlke of The Hunger guides you through the entire process.

Avoiding Mistakes

NWTF member, Nate Hosie shares his best secret for avoiding mistakes while in the spring woods.


Red Dot Scope Tips

Eddie Salter tells us why he prefers using a Red Dot scope for turkey hunting.


Windy Day Tips

Matt Morrett reminds hunters you can still find turkeys even when the wind picks up and weather isn’t as ideal for hunting.


Calling with Inflection

Cuz Strickland talks about calling wild turkeys and making sure to call with inflection.


Hunting in Changing Weather

Chris Parrish discusses how to turkey hunt when weather is changing frequently and you may not have a lot of gobbling.


Bowhunting Turkeys Tips

Brad Farris shares what he feels is the most important step to a successful archery hunt for wild turkey.

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