Learn to Hunt

Red Dot Scope Tips

Eddie Salter tells us why he prefers using a Red Dot scope for turkey hunting.


Windy Day Tips

Matt Morrett reminds hunters you can still find turkeys even when the wind picks up and weather isn’t as ideal for hunting.


Calling with Inflection

Cuz Strickland talks about calling wild turkeys and making sure to call with inflection.


Hunting in Changing Weather

Chris Parrish discusses how to turkey hunt when weather is changing frequently and you may not have a lot of gobbling.


Bowhunting Turkeys Tips

Brad Farris shares what he feels is the most important step to a successful archery hunt for wild turkey.

Late Season Gobblers

Former Grand National Champion, Matt Morrett shares secrets on how he deals with stubborn late season gobblers.

Advanced Mouth Call

Using a diaphragm call for turkey hunting is the easiest way to keep your hands on your shotgun and also minimize movement. With a little practice, it also is the call that can produce the widest range of turkey sounds. Move beyond basic yelps and clucks, and take your calling game to the next level with our guide on advanced mouth call techniques.

Advanced Pot Call

In this episode of the NWTF’s “Learn to Call” series, you’ll learn more advanced techniques for your pot call.

Shoot or Don’t Shoot

This safety video showcases a variety of scenarios and tests your turkey hunting knowledge. Do you pull the trigger or keep your safety on? See how well you do by watching and taking the quiz.

Advanced Box Call

Take your box calling abilities to the next level after watching the NWTF’s “Learn to Call” episode for advanced box call techniques.

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