Learn to Hunt

Mouth Call Basics

The diaphragm call is one of the most versatile calls you can tote into the turkey woods, but it also can be one of the more difficult to learn to use. In this episode of the NWTF’s “Learn to Call” series, learn about fitting and mouth placement of the call, as well as how to make basic turkey sounds.

Pot Call Basics

Pot calls with slate, aluminum, glass, copper and other friction surfaces are paired with a striker or peg to make turkey sounds. In this episode of the NWTF’s “Learn to Call” series, learn how to condition and hold the call to produce turkey sounds.

Box Call Basics

If you are just getting started in turkey hunting, a box call might be a good choice for a first call. The calls are fairly easy to master, but in this episode of NWTF’s “Learn to Call” series, we’ll start with the basics of holding the call and producing basic turkey sounds.

Pass it On

A turkey hunting documentary based out of Northern California, where over 20 youth hunters learn the art of scouting, calling, and to hunt turkeys through the JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) program started by NWTF in 1981.

For the Love of Hunting

Will Primos, founder of Primos Hunting Calls, describes how his attitude in hunting turkey has changed over the years. He also gives a tip that will help you elevate your game.

Slate or Glass

Ray Eye, author and television & radio host, describes the differences between a slate and a glass call. He also gives situations where one call may have an advantage over the other.

Beyond the Call

There are so many rules of thumb about turkey hunting that you can be successful with, but what you will find is that when you use your instincts, there are so many other things you can do to help fill your turkey tags.


Tone or Cadence

Joe Drake discusses which aspect of turkey calling is most important when in the turkey woods…tone or cadence?

Weathering the Storm

When you find times where the weather is changing frequently, you may not have a lot of gobbling. You need to resort back to your scouting to find success.

Bow Hunting Turkeys

CJ Davis, Montana Decoy president, gives his tips to help you become a more effective bowhunter when it comes to pursuing turkey.

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