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Five [for] 5: Sam Howard

In this new original series, we follow along with Sam Howard, a disabled veteran, as he experiences the NWTF’s “Ultimate Turkey Hunt.” Howard is joined and mentored by Brandon Wart and Travis Sumner. For more than a decade, the NWTF has partnered with the U.S. department of Energy and the USDA Forest Service to hosts the hunt at the Savannah River Site for members of its Wheelin Sportsmen program.

Family Time

Kevin and Chris Piltz chase spring gobblers in Ohio and remind us of the importance of time spent afield together. It’s the first season of turkey hunting on their family lease, and after striking out due to a rainy first day. However, this father and son team refuse to throw in the towel and are rewarded with a beautiful longbeard.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 11

Trumpet Time

17-time Grand National Champion, Mark Prudhomme takes a beautiful Eastern while using one of his custom trumpet calls. Mark also explains how he uses the trumpet call for up close and finishing work on gobblers.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 10

Pirate Classic

Join us for the 3rd Annual NWTF Pirate Classic, held at Snow Hill, North Carolina. The Pirate Classic is a one day JAKES hunt unlike any other NWTF event in the nation. This year, the event hosted 350 registered hunters and saw 65 gobblers harvested.


NWTF members, Miles Minges and Baker Bell hunt the opening weekend of the South Carolina season and are rewarded with a spectacular show. The only problem is, someone forgot to put a shell in his gun. Plus, Mark Prudhomme shares a tip for locating spring gobblers.

Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 8

JAKES Hunt of a Lifetime

Barry Woods hosts the annual NWTF JAKES Hunt of a Lifetime from Comstock Lodge in Nebraska. Learn how your child can be eligible for this incredible hunt by simply becoming a JAKES member. Plus, watch as one young man takes his first Merriam’s turkey.

Become a JAKES member today!

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 7


Custom Callmakers

Take a look at two award winning custom callmakers from the 2019 Convention! Timothy Oldham, Jr. and Joshua Daniels, Sr. show us their winning masterpieces and tell us a little bit of their inspiration behind their callmaking talents!


Fred Zink

Avian-X Decoys and Zink Calls Founder, Fred Zink talks about his personal and professional relationship to the NWTF while hunting West Virginia during the early season.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 6


Shifting Gears

What happens when  your “Plan A” goes wrong? You shift gears. And, in the case of John Brown Jr. on this hunt, you take your best eastern gobbler ever. Matt Morrett also shares tips on how to be successful on windy days.

Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 5



It’s all about partnership this week on “Turkey Call TV.” First we take a look at the Illinois JAKES Hunt of a Lifetime and how the state chapter partners with land owners and mentors to get more kids into the wild. Matt Dunfee of the Wildlife Management Institute shares the importance of organizations like NWTF working with other NGO’s in order to tackle the problem of decreasing hunter numbers, plus NWTF Director of Hunting Heritage Programs, Mandy Harling describes how partners are helping stem the tide of hunter loss. Finally, we join Rich Zirklebach as he mentors JAKES member Campbell Brown during the Illinois youth turkey season.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 4


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