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Turkey Call: TK & Mike

Mike Vick, known for his role in the legendary comical hunting show TK and Mike, joins us for our final episode of Turkey Call.  After his hunting partner TK Browning passed away, Vick drifted away from the television industry. In his first video back, we dive into his story and the passion he shares for the great outdoors.

Turkey Call: Hunter and Jenna

We join Captain Hunter Forbes and his wife Jenna for the Kentucky turkey opener. The Forbes own Southern Whitetail Outfitters in Kentucky, and 30A Guide Service in Destin, Florida. They split their time between their homes in both states guiding whitetail and turkey hunters in KY, and fishing in FL.

Turkey Call: Senior Trip

Like many graduating seniors, Jack Ellis’ final high school year was cut short due to COVID-19. So his dad Chris did what he knew best. He loaded up the truck and took Jack on a turkey hunting trip to the Missouri Ozarks to celebrate.

Turkey Call: The Brothers Hunt

Dan and Reid Isbell, known as “The Brothers Hunt,” are Nashville songwriters who can’t stay out of the woods. With recent success in songwriting, including cuts with Luke Combs, Dan and Reid are reaching the pinnacle of their careers. We head to Tennessee to hunt and learn about how their love for the outdoors shapes the music they write.

Turkey Call: Darren Jones

Darren Jones is a south Texas native and avid outdoorsman. Darren has spent the majority of his life deployed as a Marine officer. When he’s home, he finds peace and refuge in the woods and on the water. We join Darren on a 20,000 acre south Texas sanctuary turkey hunting and spend some time on the water learning about the south Texas way of life.

Turkey Call TV: Logan Cooke

Logan Cooke is a Mississippi native, a lifelong outdoorsman and an NFL punter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We join him in Florida for an Osceola turkey hunt.

Family Time

Kevin and Chris Piltz chase spring gobblers in Ohio and remind us of the importance of time spent afield together. It’s the first season of turkey hunting on their family lease, and after striking out due to a rainy first day. However, this father and son team refuse to throw in the towel and are rewarded with a beautiful longbeard.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 11

Trumpet Time

17-time Grand National Champion, Mark Prudhomme takes a beautiful Eastern while using one of his custom trumpet calls. Mark also explains how he uses the trumpet call for up close and finishing work on gobblers.

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Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 10

Pirate Classic

Join us for the 3rd Annual NWTF Pirate Classic, held at Snow Hill, North Carolina. The Pirate Classic is a one day JAKES hunt unlike any other NWTF event in the nation. This year, the event hosted 350 registered hunters and saw 65 gobblers harvested.


NWTF members, Miles Minges and Baker Bell hunt the opening weekend of the South Carolina season and are rewarded with a spectacular show. The only problem is, someone forgot to put a shell in his gun. Plus, Mark Prudhomme shares a tip for locating spring gobblers.

Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 8

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