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From Field to Plate: Jeremiah Doughty

Jeremiah is an organic meat harvester. He does not hunt for a trophy as his prize. He hunts for the joy of knowing where his food comes from. And, his goal is to teach others that the meat we put on the table can look great and taste even greater.

Corporate Partnerships: An Integral Component of R3 Success

The NWTF has teamed up with several outdoor industry heavy-hitters to positively impact its Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. initiative and work to reverse the decline in hunting participation. Learn about the role of corporate sponsors and how more outdoor industry companies can become involved.


2018 Annual Report

Last year we had an incredible year at the NWTF. It was our 45th year;our sapphire year. We conserved more acreage than planned, but we also broke 20 million acres conserved, since the NWTF began tracking this figure in the mid 80s.

“It was an incredible feat that everybody worked hard to achieve, and I am very proud to be a part of this organization that worked so hard to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” – Becky Humphries, NWTF CEO

Partnerships with Conservation Organizations

Conservation organizations like RMEF, DU and PF/QF are not competitors of the NWTF, they are partners of the NWTF. Countless conservation projects rely on the collaborative efforts of other NGOs. Even chapter outreach programs would not be possible without the help of the volunteers from other conservation organizations.

2016 Missouri Dove Hunt

The NWTF, Quail Forever, the Missouri Department of Conservation, Friends of the NRA and area landowners come together to put on a dove hunt for local youth.

2016 Arizona Turkey Camp

Scott Snarey, NWTF Valley Longbeards Chapter president, talks about the AZ Turkey Camp. The collaborative effort helps draw in the next generation of hunters.

Return of the Wild Turkey

Seeing and hearing a wild turkey in the woods is one of the most memorable outdoor experiences you can have. They have become a familiar sight, but that wasn’t the case 100 years ago.

The Winchester Museum

Winchester has been a proud partner of the NWTF since 1995 and has contributed more than $1.5 million towards conservation and education. Their support has helped spread the message of conservation and the story of the wild turkey to millions of sportsmen, women and children across the country.

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