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Mossy Oak’s The Obsessed: Toxey Haas • Bottomland Beginnings

In this episode of Mossy Oak’s “the Obsessed,” we follow Mossy Oak founder, Toxey Haas, as we dive into how one man’s obsession with the wild turkey created one of the most recognized brands in the outdoor industry.

Toast to the White Oak

The NWTF is partnering with the American Forest Foundation, Buffalo Trace Distillery, Independent Stave Co. – Log Procurement & Sales, University of Kentucky, and many more stakeholders as part of the White Oak Initiative to help Rescue our White Oak Forests. We risk losing what we thought was a resilient tree species as Regeneration and Recruitment of saplings is failing. This will cause a potential catastrophic change to wildlife communities and native fauna that depend on the White Oak, which is considered as the most ecologically important tree species in the Eastern US.

Mr. Fox’s 72nd Turkey Season

It’s become the highlight of turkey season, guiding the guider. Every spring, in just one season, years of memories are made. Toxey, Neill and Daniel Haas give back to “Papaw,” the one who fostered their passion for the outdoors, especially the wild turkey. Mr. Fox has his 72nd consecutive, successful turkey season.

KVD Turkey Hunting

Kevin VanDam is best known as a Bassmaster tournament angler, but he is also a hunter and all-around outdoorsman. In this episode of IMPULSE, he goes on a Michigan turkey hunt with his twin sons Jackson and Nicholas. After a successful turkey season, VanDam is focused on fishing and food plots.

Savage Turkey Guns

Savage Arms’ new line of bolt action turkey guns and Steven’s Model 312 turkey .410 shotgun have you covered for the upcoming season of turkey hunting. Learn more at

US Forest Service: Fire and Forest Health

On the Tahoe National Forest, wildland firefighters prepare for yet another fire season. But wildland firefighters aren’t the only Tahoe National Forest employees trying to stop catastrophic wildfires and increase forest health. Explore why our forests have changed and what’s being done to reverse this trend.

Video credit: US Forest Service

The Obsessed: Alabama Bottomland

On this episode of The Obsessed “Alabama Bottomland”, we follow Toxey Haas, Daniel Haas, Neill Haas and Chris Paradise as they chase Alabama Eastern wild turkeys on opening day.

A Mossy Oak Capture Production

Reconnect with Outdoor Traditions on a National Wildlife Refuge

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manages an unparalleled public lands network built with the help of generations of hunters and anglers called The National Wildlife Refuge System. Thanks to these recreational users these places will continue to be the wild support system both people and wildlife need to thrive.

Nearly 400 of the 560+ national wildlife refuges are open to hunting. Hunting has a rich history in the United States and is a valued tradition for many. Hunters promote habitat conservation and share an understanding of its importance with new generations. Visit

Fishing is as American as Huck Finn and apple pie, and as varied as the nation’s 21st-century demographic landscape. Over 300 national wildlife refuge are open to fishing. Visit

Marlin Watkins Behind the Brand

Legendary call maker Marlin Watkins has an extraordinary passion for building high quality friction calls. Follow along as he talks about designing a box call with “more turkey in it” then most. Zink’s Wicked Series.

CPW: Livin’ the Wildlife – Turkeys

Colorado Parks and Wildlife focuses this episode of Livin’ the Wildlife on the wild turkey. Colorado is home to two subspecies of wild turkeys, the Merriam’s and the Rio Grande. The native Merriam’s turkeys live in the foothills and mountains west of I-25, and the Rio Grand turkeys were introduced to river corridors on Colorado’s eastern plains in the 1980s. To rebuild populations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife launched an aggressive trap and transfer program. In working with the NWTF, CPW relocated and reintroduced thousands of turkeys across the state. Today, the state is home to more than 40,000 birds, the largest population ever in the state’s history.

For more information on hunting turkeys in Colorado, visit

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