Short Films

Undivided: Realtime Week 3

Nathaniel takes his friend Titan turkey hunting during the Missouri youth season, while Bub and Preston look for late season birds in southern Missouri.

UNDIVIDED: Realtime Week 2

Bub and his oldest son Canaan chase turkeys during a strange and difficult season in Arkansas. Later in the week, Bub introduces his friend Preston to turkey hunting, and they finally get to see some action!

The Doc

Before turkey hunting was cool, before smart phones, before social media, before the US Slam became a thing to do, there was a man in a van traveling the country living in a way we all can be envious of. Some of you may know Doc Weddle, or at least the legend. For those of you that know Doc, you know he’s given more to his pursuit of the wild turkey than most of us can imagine. Doc has been in inspiration to so many and we cannot thank Doc enough for letting us put his story to film.

A Pale Horse Production

Turkey Call TV: Logan Cooke

Logan Cooke is a Mississippi native, a lifelong outdoorsman and an NFL punter for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We join him in Florida for an Osceola turkey hunt.

UNDIVIDED: Realtime Week 1

Youth season kicks off in the Ozarks, and Bub chases turkeys with his youngest son Jericho. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the boys lay low around home and spend plenty of time in the turkey woods.

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“Haunted: Part 2”

“Haunted: Part 2” is the second installing in a series from Chasing 49 documenting Keith Ott’s journey to complete the US Super Slam. Part 2 of this series follow the Chasing 49 team as they travel to New Mexico, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and New York in the second swing of their 2019 season.

The Haunted season seeks to capture the passion and adventure of pursuing the US Slam. We hope ya’ll enjoy the film!

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#BeyondtheStrut – Arizona

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests were hit hard by two of the largest fires ever to occur in Arizona. But, wildlife is rebounding thanks to stewardship work between the NWTF and the U.S. Forest Service. Also, state volunteers talk about the impact of fostering hunting in the next generation and a bow hunt on public land.

#BeyondtheStrut – New Mexico

The Zuni Mountains and Cibolo National Forest are home to the NWTF’s largest stewardship project, the nine-year running Bluewater Stewardship Project. In order to reduce fire risk, the NWTF is aiding in thinning of the timber stands and reducing fuel loads through burning. Also, onXHunt’s Dylan Dowson hits New Mexico for the first time to hunt turkeys at nearly 9,000 ft.

#BeyondtheStrut – California

It’s no secret that California’s forests are in need of conservation efforts to help with forest health. The NWTF’s stewardship agreement on Eldorado National Forest’s Cleveland-Icehouse Project already has seen more than 1,000 acres impacted and the project budget has reached $2.3 million. Also, NWTF staff meet up with From Field to Plate’s Jeremiah Doughty for a hunt at the project site.

onX Hunt

#BeyondtheStrut – Montana

Wounded veterans Jim Sursley, Army, and Dominic Davila, Marines, may have served their country in different eras, but they share a bond of service to country. NWTF Staff and volunteers come together to ensure Sursley and Davila also share a Merriam’s turkey hunt neither will forget.


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