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Undivided: Grand Slam

The wild turkey grand slam is something every hardcore turkey hunter hopes for. Nathaniel and Bub get the chance to complete theirs in the same season, a turkey hunting story 20+ years in the making.

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“Haunted: Part 1”

A short film from Chasing 49 documenting Keith Ott’s journey to complete the US Super Slam. In part 1 of the series, follow along as the team travels from the swamps of Louisiana to the prairies of west Texas to start what turned out to be a very special spring. The “Haunted”series seeks to capture the passion and adventure involved in pursuing the US Slam. We hope ya’ll enjoy the film! Mossy Oak | Nomad Outdoor | Mammoth Coolers | Avian X | Chasing 49 | Pale Horse Productions

KVD Turkey Hunting

Kevin VanDam is best known as a Bassmaster tournament angler, but he is also a hunter and all-around outdoorsman. In this episode of IMPULSE, he goes on a Michigan turkey hunt with his twin sons Jackson and Nicholas. After a successful turkey season, VanDam is focused on fishing and food plots.

Wild Turkey Conservation and Oak Savanna Restoration

In the 1900s, wild turkeys nearly went extinct in the US. Ryan, a biologist and conservationist with The National Wild Turkey Federation, is working to reverse that.

Short film by Grotto Network
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Disclaimer: The views, opinions and product endorsements expressed in this video are those of the filmmakers/videographers and do not necessarily reflect those of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

The Grind

Isaac Neale is not the typical hunter. Between running his coffee shop downtown, and his outdoor addiction, his place in our culture doesn’t fit inside the box. Isaac and Nathaniel Maddux spend late August in New Mexico pursuing pronghorn on the plains. Through the ups, downs, and unknowns they encounter, they have to figure out a way to make it back to Missouri with a pronghorn in the cooler.

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The Perfect 10

In this NWTF Original film, JAKES Member Brady Rosier discovers the importance of being the next generation of mentors.

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The Obsessed: Alabama Bottomland

On this episode of The Obsessed “Alabama Bottomland”, we follow Toxey Haas, Daniel Haas, Neill Haas and Chris Paradise as they chase Alabama Eastern wild turkeys on opening day.

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Westervelt Turkey School

Looking to get your Masters degree in turkey hunting? Westervelt Lodge is home to the longest running school of its kind in the country.

Eastern Strut: Sleep Deprived At Closing Time

Brett Joy and friends take on gobblers in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest and the surrounding area to cork the bottle on another memorable turkey season.

A Scoutlook Original Series

Eastern Strut: Putting In Work For Two Maine Gobblers

Cold. Wet. Ornery. The weather and the turkeys of Maine test the resolve of Brett Joy and the Eastern Strut crew, but their hard work pays dividends in spurs, beards and fresh wild poultry.

A Scoutlook Original Series

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