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Harvested: Down Home

Country music star Easton Corbin returns to his home state, Florida, for some grounding. Join us on SilencerCo’s newest video Harvested: Down Home as we go on his Osceola turkey hunt.

“You know where I’m from and how I grew up, it’s very rural. [There is] a lot of farming and hunting, and country music is definitely a way of life.” – Easton Corbin


We teamed up with the National Wild Turkey Federation to simply tell the remarkable story of wild turkeys. It’s truly an incredible story of resilience and conservation and without the efforts of the NWTF; we wouldn’t have the opportunities we have today to hunt wild turkeys. . Canadian country music legend, Paul Brandt narrates as we hunt the farm country of southern Ontario in hopes of arrowing a mature gobbler.

“There are few success stories like the one being written for wild turkeys. Each one of us has been given our own chapter to write.”

A Tree and Hill Films Production

Undivided: Better Plans

Country music artist Wyatt McCubbin experiences the rush of spring turkey hunting for the first time in Alabama with Nathaniel and the UNDIVIDED crew. Great music, great people, and awesome turkey hunting… that’s what it’s all about for us!

“Hunting comes so natural, just like songwriting does to me; that you can connect with people out in the outdoors, just like at a concert with 10,000 people you never met before in your life, but you like the same thing” – McCubbin


Undivided: My Way

Outdoor writer David Findley joins the Undivided team for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt in the Black Hills of Wyoming…. despite an unseasonal snow blizzard, Bub and David hunt their first Merriam’s turkeys.

Can’t Never Could

After a tragic accident, Richard was lucky to be alive. Nonetheless, his life was forever changed. Hear Richard’s story and why hunting is such an integral part of his life in Jon Sutherland’s latest film.

“When you can’t do things the way you’re used to, you find a new way to do them.”

STARS & BARS: The American Dream Isn’t Dead

In this ScoutLook Original Film, we join Mike Burns in small-town Kansas as he shares his inspirational American success story and a contagious passion for hunting.

“Turkey Summit” at The Roost

The gang is all here! Toxey and I are sharing camp with Becky Humphries (CEO/NWTF), Gov. Phil Bryant (MS) and Gov. Pete Ricketts (NB). It’s our unofficial “Turkey Summit,” and we’re at the Roost Lodge in Nebraska.

Morning Thunder: New Englander

“New Englander” is a story of passion for the wild turkey as told by Fred Bird, former New England regional director of The National Wild Turkey Federation. This inspiring cinematic story is backdropped on a turkey hunt in New Hampshire.

Morning Thunder Original Film // // #MorningThunder

The Gift of Tradition

“We often forget to slow down, & focus on the reality that some day our time will pass, & only our handed down traditions will live on.”
The Gift of Tradition by Obsessed Outdoors

Hunting The ‘Other’ Turkey: Meleagris Ocellata

“These birds have given me a reason to run around all over the world and experience so many wonderful things, while meeting so many great people. The turkey hunting community has no borders, and the language of this spring culture is universal.” Join The Hunger for a taste of the Yucatan, its rich culture and its beautiful Ocellated turkeys as NWTF member Josh Dahlke wraps up his World Slam. #theHUNGER | O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.Mossy Oak

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