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Fins and Feathers

The arrival of spring is often celebrated by outdoorsmen and women with fishing and turkey hunting. And, there are very few places in the country that you can pair salt water fishing with turkey hunting.

In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Presented by The National Wild Turkey Federation, join Kristy Titus as she archery turkey hunts by morning and fishes the Pacific Ocean for surf perch by evening.

Eastern Strut: Unstoppable Action In New Hampshire

Two hunts. Four dead gobblers. The Eastern Strut crew cuts loose in New Hampshire, starting with a memorable hunt featuring Brett Joy and Nicole Avender.

A Scoutlook Original Series

Eastern Strut: 3 Guns, 3 Longbeards and a National Forest Gobbler

ScoutLook’s Eastern Strut is back for another season, kicking it off with two unforgettable turkey hunts in Pennsylvania. It begins with a triple bang. Brett Joy and two buddies call in three longbeards, and after a massive decoy attack, none of the furious toms are left standing. Adam Barker then brings you to northwestern Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest to showcase the glory of public-land turkey hunting in a half-million acres of big timber.

A Scoutlook Original Series

Undivided: The Recruits

Samantha and Kristen, with The Council to Advance Hunting and The Shooting Sports, join Bub on an Osceola turkey hunt in Florida. Kristen shares her story of not growing up exposed to hunting and the misconceptions she had as to what hunting is all about. Now a hunter herself, Kristen’s story serves as a reminder to all hunters that we need to share our passions and reasons for hunting.

A Slate and Glass Production

Undivided: Rio Country

For country music artist Mo Pitney, spending time in the outdoors is a way of life. Nathaniel invites Mo and his sister Holly to south Texas to get Holly her first turkey and to soak up the beauty of early spring in Rio Country!


A Slate and Glass Production


Osceola Spring Slam

Forget about white sandy beaches and flip-flops. Grab your guns, pull on your snake boots, and head to South Florida for spring break. With its diverse menu of hunting opportunities, Osceola country is the ideal destination to warm up and make meat after a long winter.

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The Farm

We all have that sacred place, those special people, and those powerful early experiences that propelled hunting to the forefront of our identity. For Josh Dahlke, it all started at “The Farm.” #theHUNGER

The Hunger | Mossberg Corp | Mossy Oak

Timney Triggers // Modern Vintage

“Modern Vintage” is a short film that follows three longtime friends, as they spend time together in south Florida talking about turkey hunting, turkey hunters and their passion for all things old and new involved in the pursuit of the wild turkey.

A Slate and Glass Production

Undivided: Mississippi

At Undivided, we are all about introducing people to the outdoors, but sometimes a solo hunt is important to unwind. Nathaniel heads to Mississippi to reflect on the roots of his turkey hunting passion and check another state off of his list.


A Slate and Glass Production

Undivided: Full Circle

For hardcore turkey hunters, spring is about more than just hunting. Jeremiah Doughty From Field To Plate joins the Undivided crew for new recipes and new friends at turkey camp in the Missouri Ozarks.


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