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Hunting The ‘Other’ Turkey: Meleagris Ocellata

“These birds have given me a reason to run around all over the world and experience so many wonderful things, while meeting so many great people. The turkey hunting community has no borders, and the language of this spring culture is universal.” Join The Hunger for a taste of the Yucatan, its rich culture and its beautiful Ocellated turkeys as NWTF member Josh Dahlke wraps up his World Slam. #theHUNGER | O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.Mossy Oak

Under One Condition

Tanner Davis, owner of a small-town sporting goods store, was having a cursed spring turkey season. “I’ve killed my fair share of turkeys, but this year has been different. If I can ever get this monkey off my back, I feel like I’m gonna go on a roll!” At the peak of his frustration, Tanner runs into Darrell Madden, a turkey hunting elder and custom call maker. After a casual conversation over the bed of a pickup truck, the two turkey hunters form a bond and Darrell generously invites Tanner to hunt his property – “under one condition”


A Scoutlook Original Film

Turkey Hunting Traditions

Josh Dahlke, hunter, writer, and creator of the ScoutLook series, “THE HUNGER” is returning with an even deeper look at the organic movement back from its roots, demonstrating a life spent hunting for meat and harvesting the bounty to put clean, unprocessed and fortifying food on the table. In this episode, Dahlke celebrates Turkey Season opening day with Cap Deaton.

“Two generations of men—from two very different walks of life—sit beside a fire. It’s through their mutual passion for gobbling wild turkeys that they share a common bond. They tell stories and give thanks as they enjoy the taste of hard-earned success. There’s no place they’d rather be.”

Pass it On

A turkey hunting documentary based out of Northern California, where over 20 youth hunters learn the art of scouting, calling, and to hunt turkeys through the JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) program started by NWTF in 1981.

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