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Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Wild Turkey

There is nothing more rewarding than coming home from a successful hunt and providing your family a home cooked meal with your harvest. And, there is nothing that pairs with Wild Turkey better than cranberries.

Brought to you by The National Wild Turkey Federation, join Kristy Titus’s latest episode of The Wild Kitchen where she prepares Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Wild Turkey breast from the Volume 2 of the Wilderness Athlete Wild Kitchen Cookbook.

Friction Calling Tips

Three of the most decorated Grand National Calling Championship callers in the friction division share their call preferences. Bobby Woods, Matt Van Cise and Pat Strawser talk about slate, aluminum and glass pot calls and even highlight running a box call.

Undivided: The Recruits

Samantha and Kristen, with The Council to Advance Hunting and The Shooting Sports, join Bub on an Osceola turkey hunt in Florida. Kristen shares her story of not growing up exposed to hunting and the misconceptions she had as to what hunting is all about. Now a hunter herself, Kristen’s story serves as a reminder to all hunters that we need to share our passions and reasons for hunting.

A Slate and Glass Production

Five [for] 5: Sam Howard

In this new original series, we follow along with Sam Howard, a disabled veteran, as he experiences the NWTF’s “Ultimate Turkey Hunt.” Howard is joined and mentored by Brandon Wart and Travis Sumner. For more than a decade, the NWTF has partnered with the U.S. department of Energy and the USDA Forest Service to hosts the hunt at the Savannah River Site for members of its Wheelin Sportsmen program.

Gun Fitting

Rhett Simmons, manager of the Palmetto Shooting Complex, talks about key things to look for when fitting a gun to a new hunter or recreational shooter.

Family Time

Kevin and Chris Piltz chase spring gobblers in Ohio and remind us of the importance of time spent afield together. It’s the first season of turkey hunting on their family lease, and after striking out due to a rainy first day. However, this father and son team refuse to throw in the towel and are rewarded with a beautiful longbeard.


Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 11

Trumpet Tactics

Mark Prudhomme breaks down step by step his secret to working gobblers close and tight with a trumpet call.

Irish Setter Rutmaster 1200 Review

Travis Sumner spent the early season of South Carolina’s turkey season testing out the Irish Setter Rutmaster 17″ 1200 gram PrimaLoft hunting boot. Check out how it fared.


Sponsored by Irish Setter

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