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Undivided: Mississippi

At Undivided, we are all about introducing people to the outdoors, but sometimes a solo hunt is important to unwind. Nathaniel heads to Mississippi to relflect on the roots of his turkey hunting passion and check another state off of his list.


A Slate and Glass Production

Windy Day Tips

Matt Morrett reminds hunters you can still find turkeys even when the wind picks up and weather isn’t as ideal for hunting.

Shifting Gears

What happens when  your “Plan A” goes wrong? You shift gears. And, in the case of John Brown Jr. on this hunt, you take your best eastern gobbler ever. Matt Morrett also shares tips on how to be successful on windy days.


Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 5

Calling with Inflection

Cuz Strickland talks about calling wild turkeys and making sure to call with inflection.


It’s all about partnership this week on “Turkey Call TV.” First we take a look at the Illinois JAKES Hunt of a Lifetime and how the state chapter partners with land owners and mentors to get more kids into the wild. Matt Dunfee of the Wildlife Management Institute shares the importance of organizations like NWTF working with other NGO’s in order to tackle the problem of decreasing hunter numbers, plus NWTF Director of Hunting Heritage Programs, Mandy Harling describes how partners are helping stem the tide of hunter loss. Finally, we join Rich Zirklebach as he mentors JAKES member Campbell Brown during the Illinois youth turkey season.

Turkey Call TV Season 20; Episode 4

Chasing 49

Chasing 49, a sequel to last year’s Day Seven, follows two turkey hunters attempting to complete the wild turkey US Super Slam. This year’s film has our hunters traveling to 13 states and covered a geographic area stretching from the Everglades in south Florida, west to Texas and as far north as Virginia.

A Pale Horse Production

Sponsored by the NWTF, Mossy Oak, NOMAD, LaCrosse, Zink Calls and Avian-X Decoys

Hunting in Changing Weather

Chris Parrish discusses how to turkey hunt when weather is changing frequently and you may not have a lot of gobbling.

Bowhunting Turkeys Tips

Brad Farris shares what he feels is the most important step to a successful archery hunt for wild turkey.

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