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Fins and Feathers

The arrival of spring is often celebrated by outdoorsmen and women with fishing and turkey hunting. And, there are very few places in the country that you can pair salt water fishing with turkey hunting.

In this episode of Pursue The Wild, Presented by The National Wild Turkey Federation, join Kristy Titus as she archery turkey hunts by morning and fishes the Pacific Ocean for surf perch by evening.

Eastern Strut: Unstoppable Action In New Hampshire

Two hunts. Four dead gobblers. The Eastern Strut crew cuts loose in New Hampshire, starting with a memorable hunt featuring Brett Joy and Nicole Avender.

A Scoutlook Original Series

Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Wild Turkey

There is nothing more rewarding than coming home from a successful hunt and providing your family a home cooked meal with your harvest. And, there is nothing that pairs with Wild Turkey better than cranberries.

Brought to you by The National Wild Turkey Federation, join Kristy Titus’s latest episode of The Wild Kitchen where she prepares Cranberry Balsamic Roasted Wild Turkey breast from the Volume 2 of the Wilderness Athlete Wild Kitchen Cookbook.

Friction Calling Tips

Three of the most decorated Grand National Calling Championship callers in the friction division share their call preferences. Bobby Woods, Matt Van Cise and Pat Strawser talk about slate, aluminum and glass pot calls and even highlight running a box call.

CPW: Livin’ the Wildlife – Turkeys

Colorado Parks and Wildlife focuses this episode of Livin’ the Wildlife on the wild turkey. Colorado is home to two subspecies of wild turkeys, the Merriam’s and the Rio Grande. The native Merriam’s turkeys live in the foothills and mountains west of I-25, and the Rio Grand turkeys were introduced to river corridors on Colorado’s eastern plains in the 1980s. To rebuild populations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife launched an aggressive trap and transfer program. In working with the NWTF, CPW relocated and reintroduced thousands of turkeys across the state. Today, the state is home to more than 40,000 birds, the largest population ever in the state’s history.

For more information on hunting turkeys in Colorado, visit

Eastern Strut: 3 Guns, 3 Longbeards and a National Forest Gobbler

ScoutLook’s Eastern Strut is back for another season, kicking it off with two unforgettable turkey hunts in Pennsylvania. It begins with a triple bang. Brett Joy and two buddies call in three longbeards, and after a massive decoy attack, none of the furious toms are left standing. Adam Barker then brings you to northwestern Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest to showcase the glory of public-land turkey hunting in a half-million acres of big timber.

A Scoutlook Original Series

From Field to Plate: Jeremiah Doughty

Jeremiah is an organic meat harvester. He does not hunt for a trophy as his prize. He hunts for the joy of knowing where his food comes from. And, his goal is to teach others that the meat we put on the table can look great and taste even greater.

Browning Maxus Shotgun Review

Josh Webb, NWTF shooting events coordinator, tests out the Browning Maxus All Purpose Hunter in Mossy Oak Breakup.

Sponsored by Browning

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